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The MXL V67G sounds quite natural color balanced and a little warm. It does not round the grave, the precision and the gain of Cad M177 and Behringer B2 Pro but has a patch against particulirement rich in harmonics in the treble without being aggressive, which is rare and research. 08/01/23 · The Mars version of the MXL V67 is called the MXL V67m. The Mars version costs $99. I'm not sure what this $79 V57 microphone is. If you type "mxl" and "57" into the Mars website search engine, all that comes up is the shock mount that costs $49. Windowman, are you sure you are not thinking of the SM-57? These are on the Mars website for $79. 2: MP-V57 Multipattern PCB Kit. Our premier upgrade for all generations of MXL 550 is the MP-V57 PCB kit, which gives you a perfectly optimized, high sensitivity, low-noise circuit. Build it with either an internal Cardioid/Omni switch, or an internal -10dB pad. The green with gold grill MXL V67G Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is designed mainly for use with vocals and combines Class A FET circuitry and a transformer-coupled output for an open and pure sound. It's a side-address mic with a cardioid polar pattern and features a gold-sputtered large diaphragm, providing audio quality well suited for capturing instruments and vocals in project and.

MXL 2006 Mods. The MXL 2006 seems to be everything that people love and hate about low-cost condensers. On the one hand, it's inexpensive, decently built, and delivers a clean sound. On the other hand, it combines a linear circuit with a peaky and sometimes harsh-sounding capsule. You can fix it. We have two modification options for the MXL 2006. MXL. MXL is the brand name for pro audio gear, including microphones, made by Marshall Electronics. The company headquarters is located in southern California, employing approximately 200 staffmembers at that location, including Test, Engineering, and R&D. The MXL 57 Shock Mount is a high-isolation shockmount designed to protect your microphone from external vibrations and unwanted noise. It is compatible with MXL V67 Series, V69, and 2006 Microphones. The MXL 57 Shock Mount allows you precisely position your microphone while isolating it from vibrations and actions that cause unwanted noise. It uses the MXL 603’s 17mm diaphragm diameter capsule within a brass baffle ring, and a transformerless output circuit based on the Schoeps design. Until early 2013, the SP1 used MXL’s “V57” circuit board pair, also found in the MXL V57, 440, V250, V63M, and 2006 and possibly others.

Buy MXL 57 Microphone Shockmount Black: Mounts -FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 21/01/36 · Cover made using Ableton / Kontakt / XP Guitar / MXL V57 Condenser mic. I do not own any rights on this footage.

Sound: I Purchased this Microphone from zZounds for laying down some live audio tracks of traffic in the area for an intro to a song and I must say it does a very good job of picking up even the most subtle noises on the street. Feature: It is a very basic Condensor microphone which in a way is good, there is less to go wrong with it that way.

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